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I know of the deep tradition that we have to keep politics out of the church. In the case of Proposal 3 which will be voted on in Michigan this November, politics has entered the church. I can say with the full authority of Scripture that we should vote no on 3. God has created humans in his image and life itself is a reflection of that image. This is much more than a proposal about abortion. The very name of the Proposal is the "Reproductive Freedom Act" which states openly the desire for it's creators to have an environment in our state where sex without consequences or responsibilities is the law. That goes directly against the teachings of Holy Scripture. To top it off, if sex should produce a consequence, a baby, murder of that baby would become a safeguarded right for a woman of any age without consequence for anyone who helps her with that abortion. Parents would have no say if that young woman were a minor. Lives that are lived in direct contradiction with our Creator's directives, will always have detrimental consequences on themselves and the culture around them.  
On Monday, November 7, join the people of Drenthe Church in a day of prayer and fasting for our election on November 8. 
Under Christ's Reign! Pastor Gary