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Pastor’s Corner 2-1-2020

Hello, I am Pastor Gary and I welcome you to the Drenthe CRC website. This week at Drenthe we will be entering the season of Lent with a fresh view of the Transfiguration, which I call the “Prelude to the Resurrection.” Our focus in Lent will be to take a close look at the days of the week of Holy week and what transpires on each day leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

There are many opportunities to share in what we are doing at Drenthe. Please find us on Facebook to gain access to our live-streamed services or archived services. I would encourage any of you to read the scriptures and if you would have questions talk to a Christian you know about the meaning of the teaching. I also would be happy to explain the good news of the Bible to anyone who would like to explore the story of Jesus Christ. Grace and peace be yours in abundace through Jesus Christ our Lord.