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March 15, 2020

From the pastor’s desk,

The time the year when we anticipate the changing season is here. We have enjoyed some warmer days, and we are assured there are more to come along with a few days where winter will try to stick around. We are also anticipating Resurrection Sunday when we celebrate the victory of Jesus Christ over death and the power of the devil. God’s amazing love and power is displayed in it’s most magnificent form in the resurrection.

In preparation for that day we are in this period of Lent, studying the days of Holy Week. Last Sunday we saw how on Monday Jesus cursed the fig tree for not doing what he had made it for, and then told parables that showed how the teachers of the law, scribes and Pharisees were also not doing what God intended them to do. God took away the benefits they had from knowing him through the law and prophets and extended his grace to the nations.

This week at Drenthe we will study the Tuesday of Holy Week. Jesus taught extensively on this day in the temple regarding his coming kingdom and how we should be prepared for it. Come join us at Drenthe as we dig into God’s Holy Word.