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Posts from July 2014

Sharing from our Abudance

Summer gardens are booming. If you have extra vegetables to share with members of the church and community, there will be a table placed at the West Entrance. The table will be available from Sunday Morning until Sunday evening. Any leftovers will be donated to His Harvest Stand. Feel free leave your extra vegetables or […]

Trivia Answers

The youth group has arrived safely home. We give thanks to God for safe travels and a successful week. Here are your trivia answers for yesterday. 1. The played baseball with apples and pieces of wood. 2. Earl has approx 50 ducks, geese, roosters, and hens running around his house.

They are on their way home

The youth group are headed home from Kentucky. They plan to drive straight through. They are currently in South Bend, and have provided the answers to yesterday’s trivia questions as well as given us some more. Over 300 capri sun juice pouches were drank by the group this week. Earl (the gentleman who’s house they […]

Kentucky Update

We’ve been working hard roofing Earl’s house, for which he’s very grateful! Some of us finished painting the house, shed & the steps! We’ve enjoyed watching the different animals around here, one legged chickens, turkeys, dogs & kittens! Trivia question: how many Capri Suns juice were consumed this week? How many dogs does earl & […]

News from Kentucky

Justine writes: We’ve had lots of rain, which has really limited us. Our job this week includes roofing & painting an 82 year old man’s home. We have three cabins we stay in (1 boys, 1 girls, & one hang out/food). Rustic setting. We go to a beach almost daily to cool off. Got a […]

Youth group mission trip blog

Check here for updates on what the youth group are up to on their mission trip. First update: We give thanks that the Youth Group has arrived safely to Harlan, Kentucky. Please continue to pray for them as they get settled and begin there work tomorrow and in the days to come.